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Fliss Family

Fliss is a brand with a clear objective; offer the final consumer a wide range of products to cover 100% of their daily needs. We design, manufacture and distribute quality disposables adhering to the new needs of the consumer. Versatile, efficient products at competitive prices.

We work with numerous supermarkets facilitating the approach of our products to customers. In addition, we also produce for large surfaces and our own brands.


Fliss timeline

In 2014 we started to operate as a brand and year after year we have been incorporating new innovative products to our line.

Fliss - Productos de un sólo uso para tu día a día

Fliss is born

2015 Snack bags, Freezer and zip bags

Our first products

Aluminum, Film and oven paper


2016 Fair presentation in Amsterdam


2017 First items

Garbage bags

2018 For home use

Vacuum bags

2019 The Sustainable Alternative

Green Fliss

2020 Five new models

Paper tablecloths


Our compromise

Fliss evolves; reinvents itself and bets on biodegradable, recyclable materials.



Green Fliss

Green Fliss was born with the concern of creating a sustainable alternative to the products that we use every day in our homes. We needed to be consumers of products that respect our environment and at the same time be able to offer these alternatives to all that public that also cares about our planet.

Fliss and Green Fliss thus offer a global solution to all needs.


Our products

The range of alternative and sustainable products that you were waiting for


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