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Welcome to Fliss. We offer you a wide variety of products so that you never stop cooking, preserving, freezing, transporting, protecting, discarding and ordering.

Have fun cooking with Fliss

Do you dare with a chocolate cake? Choose your mold and bake.

Slide New Layer Fliss, our identity We are a leading company in the manufacture of products that facilitate your daily life. Fliss is cooking, preserving, freezing, transporting, protecting, disposing and ordering. Our main objective is to offer the client a wide range of domestic products at competitive prices of the highest quality.


Our commitment designing innovative and current products.


Wide range of domestic and professional products. From home to industry.


Products made with high quality raw material.


Advancing in the incorporation of compostable and recycled materials.

Slide Garbage Bags We have a perfect bag for each use.
Garden, kitchen, bathroom, office, industrial: you choose.

Do you want to know more about us?

We are very excited to introduce ourselves.

Fliss is one of the brands of the company Plasfesa Products S.L. One of the leading companies in the supply of bags and films for the sections of perishable products in supermarket chains, specializing in the handling and distribution of plastics for the conservation of fresh products.

With its long history and experience in the market, we can currently find Fliss in different supermarkets.

As an innovative brand, Fliss reinvents itself and improves day by day. Updating to the new market demands without neglecting the ecological challenge that we are going to undertake.



Protect the fresh

Help preserve, protect and maximize the life of your food with the Fliss range of bags and rewinders.

¡Bags for everything! Vacuum bags, snack bags, sandwich bags, paper kraft bags, freeze bags, traveling bags and garbage bags.

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